Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Past Few Months

OK so I have not posted in a while, but I have been hit with a 2x4 or the equivalent.

July 1st my precious baby girl started having seizures. The kind that she loses consciousness and stops breathing. Scariest 2 minutes of my life. She had two in one week. I took her to Texas Children's and they could not find anything. I took her to a neurologist and got the blow that shook my foundation. In children that are as young as she is it is very hard to diagnose with the few she has had. He told me that most likely more would come. He said if she had had just one it would be no big deal but two in the severity she had there was a disorder.
Right then and there my life flashed before my eyes. I immediately felt I knew what could be coming. Anti seizure drugs. Not the outcome I wanted for my 15 month old. He asked about family history and my pregancy. We have no family history of them, but my pregancy was horrible with her.
At 12 weeks I started getting blood clots in my legs. I was put on blood thinning medication. At 24 weeks I got a pulmonary embolism and DVT in both legs. I did not reliaze that my shortness of breath was as bad as it was. I did not go to the hospital for two days. I thought I may have gotten the flu. Two days later I drive myself and my older child to the emergency room and stumble in. I have never in my life seen an emergency staff move as quick as they did. In five minutes I was on the L&D floor and they asked what medication I was on. I told them and they started running. Some very quick and smart Doctors, Nurses and Techs saved my life and my little one that Sunday afternoon. But those two days with a pluse ox hovering around 85 may be a contributing factor to her disorder. Oxygen Deprivation in the womb.
Juliet is doing good on her anti- seizure meds (Keppra) and so far has had only 1 break through seizure. It was last thursday and due to fatigue. Hers are fatuigue induced and we stay on a strict schedule.
My world has been shaken upside down and it has taken me awhile to right it again. We have a wonderful support system and an even more AWESOME GOD that I know is taking care of us. Through this I am really learning to trust in him.

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