Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Garden update

The garden is in full bloom. We have already harvested green beans and sugar peas. We have many tomatoes coming in and the herbs are so wonderful and add great flavor to all of our dishes. This weekend we will fertilize and the tomatoes should start to ripen. Juliet has found the basil and will stand there and eat straight from the plant. The girls love to be out in the yard and it makes our home so much more. I love this time of year everything is so pretty out. The leaves on the banana trees are so green. We have limes and figs coming in. Greta is eager for the figs. I feel that if I teach my children where and how we get their food they will appreciate it so much more. I hope that this is true.


The Estes Family said...

That looks so good!! I want to do that one day....I think the boys would love it!!

Sara said...

The girls love it. Greta will go out and cut herbs for me while I'm cooking. She harvested the peas and beans last week and brought them in and washed them. Juliet loves to dig, as all two year olds do.