Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The School Year 2011-2012

YEAH!!! We have begun a new school year! Our summer was way way too short. I do love having both kids home with me but I also crave a routine. I like to know what we are doing each day and when we are doing it.

Greta does much better in a routine also. I think the last few weeks of summer have left her floundering for the routine. It has left her kind of crabby. We will slowly conform back to our schedule.

We have a big year ahead of us. Greta started 3rd grade and Juliet will be having "School" at home with Mommy. This has been such an issue for me. I feel as if I am constantly defending myself on this subject.

Juliet has some developmental issues dealing with eating and drinking. So I am hesitant to enroll her in pre-school. She chokes many times during the day and I believe she is better off with one-on-one than with a group of children. I also want to spend time with her and help her to develop into herself. She gets plenty of socialization and play time with other children, so the learning and crafting and all other types of fun can be left to me.

I love to play with her. She has a fantastic imagination and I enjoy seeing it develop. I try so very hard not to influence it. We never know what will come out next.

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