Saturday, November 1, 2008


Last night was Halloween. It was the first for many things. First for Juliet, First for our new neighborhood, and a first for door to door for Greta. The girls had a blast, Juliet slept in her stroller and Greta was scared of everyone that walked by. Greta had more fun handing the candy out. She is so like her momma it is scary.

I'm not really fond of Halloween because I don't like to be scared. I never really liked it as a child and really don't like the scary stuff now, But I like for the kids to dress up if they want to.

Greta wanted to be something scary this year and her verision of scary was a spider. We got the spider costume in the mail and she put it on and said "How will they know I'm a girl?". I said "I don't Know" her response was "Put Bows on the head". So she was a really scary girl spider with big orange bows on her head.

Juliet was a pumpkin. She was so cute she did not mind the costume she just smiled and wrinkled her nose. She sat in the front yard with me for a while and then fell asleep and her daddy pushed her down th sidewalk. She is such a happy baby.

The night ended a 8:00 pm and Greta came in and sorted her candy and Juliet got ready for bed. Everyone had a great night and no one got too scared.

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Lori Lucius said...

Sounds like much fun! Love the "spider bows!" We miss you guys more than you know! Hope to see y"all soon! Love y'all!
~Lori, Eric, Allison & Toby

p.s. you are gonna have to teach me how to make one of these blog things!