Thursday, November 6, 2008

Scary Foot!

I've made some life goals. One of them is to be healthy and I'm really trying to live this one out. I've been walking in this wonderful neighborhood that we moved to. Right after school started I started having pain in my right foot again. In early October I went to the doctor thinking it was just something minor. Well Well it was not as good as I had wanted. It seems that my body can't handle pregnancy. During my pregnancy with Juliet two bone spurs grew on my heel and were very sharp and were knicking my tendon as I was walking. So after a week of shots to where my whole body is black and blue I went in for surgery. This is my beautiful incision. It really is pretty compared to the others. My foot does not hurt and I am so happy. Greta saw my foot for the first time the other night and said "Momma you have a very scary foot." I will have to have some physical theraphy and then I will be off and walking!! YEAH!!

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Estes Photography said...

GIRL!!!! you have been through the mill.....but oh was she worth it!!!
I miss you!!