Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Love Dare

In August we started going to a new church in our new neighborhood. Let me tell you my eyes were opened wide for the first time in my life. I am so fired up for My God that I just can't stand it. We look forward to going to church every week. We are learning so much and feeling fullfilled at the end of the sermon. Our life has taken on a new meaning and we are living for Him and not ourselves.

The sermon series we started on was one on marriage. Daniel and I have a great marriage, I am so in love with my husband and know that he loves me. We are each others best friend and truly complete each other. But who would not want to make a great thing even better. We learned a lot about what the bible says about marriage and learned about the book love dare. I purchased the book with my Husband not knowing. I is a book that takes 40 days to deepen your relationship and truly learn to love unconditionally. We love our children unconditionally but it is different with others including our spouses. As God loved us so much that he gave his son to save us. So every time I started the book it seemed as if something started attacking our relationship. I know now it is Satan trying to take hold. So today I am slamming the door in Satan's face and starting over. I will let you know how my forty days are going, I know that the end result will be a deeper relationship with God and my husband. I can't wait.

If anyone has done this let me know how your journey went or is going.

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Estes Photography said...

First let me say......I MISS YOU!!! My cell phone has been missing for three days now so I didn't know if you got my text last week??
Second, did yall watch the movie "Fireproof" that goes with the book. LOVE IT!!! Marc is leading a small group now at church and I told him that I want to do the Love Dare study sometime soon. I am so glad you guys have found a church home. I can't imagine my life or our marriage without our church. Marc and I have been to hell and back but I would go through it again to get where we are today!! I am glad you are not letting Satan attack at all!!!!
I love you girl!!
Kim B and I are going to go to PF Changs one day next week for can meet us??????