Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Lesson I'm Learning

I'm learning these past couple of months that we as parents we have to be the advocate for our children. We know them best and know when something is not quite right. We are here to fight for them. They are not ours and we need to understand that they are on loan from God. They are here for us to enjoy, nurture, love and bring up to know their Father. They can be taken from us in an instance, so enjoy every minute.
I'm also learning that when Doctors say to you "You are being a paranoid parent", I am to say back "No Sir you are being a disrespectful doctor". I am to keep asking and keep pressing for the answers that my child needs.
I am thankful each and every moment that I have with my children. I am asking God to guide us through and find answers for our prayers.

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The Estes Family said...

He will see you through this!! I am a total believer in mother's intuition and where there is one doctor there are many more!! Meaning...find a new one if you think you need too!
I love you girl...hang in there and I am praying for Juliet!