Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wow!!!! What A Year!!!

Wow is all that I can say!!!! We started the year with a sick baby girl and now she is so much better. All thanks to God and so many prayers. I do feel as if my life is just now getting back to normal.
I really do not like New Years Resolutions. I always fail, and fail miserably. Although I do like to take stock of my life and change a few things. So this year there are a few things I would like to try.
1) God First, Family Second, Everything else Third.
I have a really hard time saying no, but last year I tested it and it came with good results, So this year I will try it more.

2) Sew more!!!!
This is a passion and I am craving it.

3) Blog More!!!

4) I always cook alot but this year we are going to base our meals off of the produce we can get at the farmers market. So every Saturday morning we will be treking to the market to see what we can get.

5) Planting more!! I love my little garden and I want more from it.

6) Play more!!!

Let's see if I can accomplish this.


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