Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Getting Back To "Normal"

AHHH!!! is really all I can say. I feel as if we are getting back to a normal routine for us. I like Christmas, I love it for the true meaning. It's the hustle and bustle that I HATE. I love seeing family and getting together and sharing a meal, I do not like the rushing around and spending tons and tons of money. I do not like feeling stretched too thin and rushed.

This year we did go on a fabulous vacation to New Mexico. I will post about that later this week. It was nice but the start of it I was exhausted. When we got back my poor husband was so sick that he was off work another week. So this week I feel we are taking a turn for the better. I feel like we are accomplishing something. And that feels so great!!!!

I'm making my lists and getting ready to tackle projects.

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