Thursday, March 31, 2011


I have had a heavy heart today. My sweet friend Lesley is leaving her boy today in Haiti. All week I have been in super pray mode. I started by praying that their time together would be blessed and bring them closer together. I had been dreading this day all week knowing that she would have to leave him one more time. I'm praying that it is just one more time. It is such a blessing to me to have this wonderful friendship and my heart hurts when her heart hurts. I will continue to pray for this family daily as long as I live and beyond.

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The Estes Family said...

I am so blessed to have you and after my week in Haiti God really reminded me of my friends that truely love me. (We will have to meet for lunch and I will explain why!)You will never know what your prayers mean to me! We for sure have to catch up soon!!!
Love you!!!!